OSX and the ext3 disk

Funny, I happen to buy a big 1TB disk and decided to format it with ext3 after the disaster that NFS caused during the cut and copy from my old machine. And now here I am on an alien box and trying to figure out how to access my ext3 file system.

Some pointers on the web:

A combination of that, a bit of retries did make it work finally. Plugin the ext3 disk and start using it. Smooth.

Religion conversion!

I step into the Hortonworks office and the first thing that they do is a conversion of my religion. They put into my lap a Mac Book pro and say nothing else can be done.

I am sure they did this only because they know way too well how big a fan(boy) I am of linux/ubuntu ;)

Here I go off, whining, hissing and trying to convert this machine to my linux setup as much as possible.

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